Mosquito Magnet®
General Knowledge Quiz

1) In what year did the Mosquito Magnet® first hit the Market?
a) 1998
b) 1999
c) 2000
d) 2001

2) Which type(s) of fuel can be used with the Mosquito Magnet® ?
a) Natural Gas
b) Butane
c) Propane
d) b & c

3) What size area does the Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro cover?
a) 1/2 of a acre
b) 3/4 of a acre
c) 1 Acre
d) 1 1/2 Acre

4) How long will is take to see a significant catch?
a) Immediately regardless of where it is placed.
b) Immediately depending on where it is placed.
c) Two weeks regardless of where it is placed.
d) Two weeks depending on where it is placed.

5) When shaking the Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro what is the most important step to follow?
a) Disconnect the regulator from the tank.
b) Disconnect the regulator quick connect from the power pack.
c) Take the power pack off the stand.
d) Bounce it on a trampoline.

6) What function does the OPD Reset Tool serve?
a) Purges unwanted air out of the tank.
b) Provides better gas flow when attached.
c) Makes the trap look pretty.
d) Resets the valve in the regulator and the valve on the tank.

7) Which should be used when using the Quick-Clear valve?
a) 12 gram threaded CO2 cartridge.
b) Air compressor
c) 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridge
d) a & b
e) a & c

8) If the wind is blowing from East to West through your yard. Where should you place the trap?
a) In the northern part of the yard
b) In the western part of the yard
c) In the eastern part of the yard
d) On your pool deck, because it also serves as a good cup holder.

9) Which size propane tank should you use?
a) 8 lb
b) 20 lb
c) 30 lb
d) 50 lb

10) How long will a 20lb tank last?
a) 10 days
b) 21 days
c) 1 Month

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