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Swap Out Tank programs. Can you use them?

We caution against the use of some propane swap programs. This is program where you take an empty tank to a dealer and they give you a different tank each time. Some swap out tank dealers do not refill the tanks themselves nor do they know anything about what process was done to refill them. Many of the troubleshooting issues received by the Technical Support Department of American Biophysics, for traps that will not start or stay running, have been linked to the use of a swap out propane tank. Since you do not know the true history of the propane tank itself, you can never be sure that the tanks has been correctly purged and there isn't any air remaining in the tank from the refill process.

Having a purged tank is very important to the operation of the Mosquito Magnet®. A propane tank that is not purged may not work properly. It might cause the Mosquito Magnet® stop while running or not start at all. See the section on Tank Purging to know why.

These swap programs tanks are perfectly acceptable and for use on gas grills or any other propane appliance. They are not the best solution for a Mosquito Magnet® due to its need to have a pure propane source in order to generate it's catalytic reaction.

For best results it is recommended that you purchase, own and refill your propane tank with a certified propane dealer for your Mosquito Magnet®. Tanks that have been previously emptied and refilled work best.

If your only convenient local option is to purchase propane from one of these swap programs, and you are having difficulty starting or keeping your trap running, we suggest running your tank on another propane appliance like a gas grill for 15-20 minutes to burn off any air that may be inside of the tank. After you have done that try starting your Mosquito Magnet® again.


What types of gas can I use?

propane and Butane are the ONLY types of gas that can be used. The Mosquito Magnet® was designed using propane gas and operates in a better temperature range with propane. Butane can be used but the Mosquito Magnet® will run a little hotter using Butane vs. propane. Using Butane in a hotter climate may not be the best choice because if the unit runs too hot it may start repelling mosquitoes. If Butane is your only choice then make sure that you have the Mosquito Magnet® placed in a shady spot to lower the operating temperature.

Natural Gas should NOT be used under any circumstances. Natural Gas runs at a much higher temperature and could possibly damage the Mosquito Magnet®.


What is an OPD Valve?

Required by national fire and safety standards, an OPD is a safety feature that helps prevent small propane cylinders from being overfilled.


Why have an OPD Valve?

There are limits on how much propane can be put into a cylinder. A properly filled cylinder will have a vapor space left in the top of the cylinder to allow room for expansion of the liquid with a change in atmospheric temperature. An overfilling prevention device is a secondary means of assuring that cylinders are not overfilled.

How does an OPD work?

During the refilling process, a valve inside the cylinder closes when the proper level of propane is reached. Since the OPD currently in use measures the volume of propane in the cylinder, the weight of the propane will vary depending on its temperature. Check the posted information where you purchase propane to determine the net weight of propane in your cylinder.


Why do I need to purge my tank?

Having your propane tank purged will remove excessive air from the tank which can cause the Mosquito Magnet® to shut down while it is running. It may also prevent the Mosquito Magnet® from starting. Having your tank purged will ensure that air has been removed and will aid in the start up of your Mosquito Magnet®.

All containers, new or used, that are not plugged or kept closed may be infiltrated by water, air, or other contaminants. These contaminants must be removed, or purged, before the container is filled and put into service. The purged process should be done by your propane gas supplier.

For an Interactive look into why you need to purge your tank click launch.

Air in the propane tank is a contaminant. Purging should be done prior to the initial filling to remove air. If the container is not properly purged, air in the container dilutes the propane gas vapor. Failure to propane may cause excessive tank pressure, slow filling and poor trap operation of the OPD valve. This condition will exist until all air is depleted, leaving pure propane gas vapor.


How to use the OPD Reset Tool and Why.

This tool has been designed to reset the internal mechanisms of the propane regulator and release any back pressure from your tank. The Mosquito Magnet® regulator has a lock out device designed to restrict the flow of propane should the hose be cut or damaged. This lock out can be activated from excessive pressure built up within the propane tank. For instructions on how to use the OPD Reset Tool Click Here.

Why you should only use a 20lb tank.

A 20lb tank has the correct amount of output pressure for the Mosquito Magnet® to operate properly. Using a different size tank can cause the Mosquito Magnet® to operate in an undesirable manner. For the Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro there are Permanent Installation Instructions that must be installed by a certified pipe fitter.

Permanent Installation Information.

The Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro is designed for portable placement and connection to portable propane cylinders. In some installations, it is desirable to pipe the propane from a larger stationary tank for minimum maintenance and lower fuel cost. This option is ONLY available on the Commercial Pro model. This type of installation MUST be done by a certified gas pipe fitter. Please contact technical support, we can Fax, Email or standard mail the Permanent Installation Instructions to you.

Why will my tank work on a gas grill but not on a Mosquito Magnet®?

If there is an excessive amount of air in the tank, the Mosquito Magnet® will not start. The unit is already calibrated to a certain air-to-gas ratio and introducing more air into the system will not allow the Mosquito Magnet® to start.

A gas grill will work regardless if there is air in the tank, as it has a flame, the Mosquito Magnet® does not. The flame in the grill will burn off the air. If this case then you may need to have the propane tank purged.


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